David Dorn, owner of Action Sports Maui a former Training Director for the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and current IKO Training Master that trains Examiners and Instructors. David has written and edited the IKO training manuals and personally trained many of the worlds top instructor trainers. With over 20 years of working in the kite industry and 30 years in the windsurf industry David is a seasoned professional in the field of water-sports instruction. David shares his passion for water sports with, coaching, clinics, tours, as well as authoring training manuals, writing articles for magazines, and writing several blogs and informational websites. David is available for private coaching, and can provides instructor and trainer level certifications, locally and internationally. Fee free to contact David Dorn if you would like to engage his professional services.

KITE BEACH learn kiteboarding lessons with Action Sports Maui

KITE BEACH learn kiteboarding lessons with Action Sports Maui

KITE BEACH learn kiteboarding lessons with ActionSportsMaui kiteboarding school.

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David Dorn is the owner of Action Sports Maui, Maui’s first kiteboarding school. Originally from Australia David moved to Maui in the 80’s for windsurfing and surfing and began kiting with the kite pioneers in the 90’s. David is a Training Master for the International Kiteboarding Organization and is available for private lessons for all levels of kitesurfing, beginner to advanced.


Hi, Welcome to the Blog. we have been busy with a lot of on-water action lately and not too much time for Blogging, but we have posted quite a few pictures on our FB and Instagram to keep you guys up to speed with what’s happening here on Maui.




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